Who is Coffman BizSolutions?

We are virtual financial service professionals who help businesses with financial strategy, bookkeeping, lean business planning, budgeting, cash-flow forecasting, goal setting and more. We implement highly personalized technology solutions to help small businesses simplify their financial management processes.

We are Advanced Certified in QuickBooks, which allows us to provide businesses with best-in-class financial services and improve financial processes to drive substantial cost savings for clients. We offer a variety of service packages and add-on items to meet every small biz’s unique needs.

Meet Our Team

Our Mission

Our mission is to help small businesses increase productivity, improve efficiency and increase profits via financial strategy and technology solutions that allow businesses to make the best financial decisions for their businesses.

We help businesses develop a better understanding of their finances and guide them to develop a plan to grow their company. We believe that knowing your biz is the first step to growing your biz!

Who We Serve

We serve small businesses who embrace the latest digital technology, and get them up and running with superior tools that allow them to run their business more efficiently and successfully. Our clients are able to collaborate with us virtually, whenever they need, via a secure web portal with online document sharing, video conferencing, phone calls, online messaging, emails and more.

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Smarter Tools

We help businesses improve their financial strategies and performance with advanced technology and the latest tools. We leverage these tools to better serve our clients and help our clients decide which tools can help them run a stronger, better business. See what’s in our toolbox that helps us drive growth for small businesses.

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